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Homemade Lasagna & Veggies

Brenda loves Italian food! However, the carbohydrates (cheeses, pasta) make it extremely difficult to justify when committing to a healthy eating food plan …Brenda uses 3 strategies to stick to her healthy eating plan:

  1. She avoids proximity to the food. If she doesn’t see it, she doesn’t crave it!
  2. If she is attending a family gathering, and she is feeling pressured to eat, she loads up on veggies, and eats a very small portion of the fatty food.
  3. She works out for 1 hour to burn calories she just consumed! The workout usually consists of walking before going to bed. Walking on the treadmill for one hour burns 100 calories.

The Homemade Lasagna is courtesy of Aunt Julia, so Brenda loads up on green beans and spinach, and eats a very small portion of lasagna. Brenda passes on the bread, and drinks water. She figures that saves another 150 – 200 calories. As soon as she gets home, she hits the treadmill!

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