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Power Dressing for #Women in #Business! #womeninstem #womenintech #tech #technology #fintech

Power Dressing for Women in Business [Photo Courtesy: CNBC Squawk Box]

When I began my professional career in the early 1980s, women were very concerned about presenting a professional image. The women’s movement of the 1970s propelled us into professional positions such as engineering, finance, computer science, and business. It was

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Never Put the Candy in Front of the Baby! #relationship #relationships #marriage

Candy w/ Baby Don't Put the Candy in Front of the Baby baby with candy marriage marital relationship relationships

If you are a woman, and you are in a relationship with a man, it is important to the survival of your relationship to know that when your man looks at a “sexualized” woman, he cannot make sound decisions. Why

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The Art of Saving! #finance #lifelessons #savings #fintech #wealthbuilding #wealthy

Financial Security Financial Success Financial Independence

One simple four-letter word is truly the key to your financial success — SAVE. Saving requires discipline, and if you lack the discipline to save, it is virtually impossible for you to succeed, period. I learned to save from my

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#JimVance Was the Essence of #WashingtonDC! #jimvancenbc4washingtondc #jimvancenbcwashingtondc

Jim Vance at NBC Health & Fitness Expo

Jim Vance was much more than an anchor for NBC News in Washington DC. Jim Vance represented all of the voices of Washington DC, from the downtrodden and homeless, to the halls of power on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue.

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#2 Solution to #IncomeInequality! #womenintech #womeninstem #womenover50 #womenatwork

Studies show that women earn 80 cents of every dollar men earn. Why? The American Association of University Women (AAUW) released an exhaustive report on the pay gap in the U.S.A. Based on personal experience gained during my 38 year

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Don’t Let Other People’s Problems Become Your Problems! #lifelesson #lifelessons

Contemplate brendaslunch lifelesson lifelessons

I just received notice from a cousin on Facebook that he is coming to town on Father’s Day weekend. Now, even though our fathers are deceased, we still have plans for that weekend. It is a busy weekend. If you

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#WomenWhoCodeDC #Startup #Hackathon! #womenintech #womeninstem #womenwhocode

[Photo Courtesy: Women Who Code Startup Hackathon]

Our world is changing right before our very eyes. New technological developments are occurring on a daily basis. Robots are performing repetitive tasks that were performed by low-skilled workers. Bank tellers are losing their jobs due to the iPhone and

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#1 Solution to #IncomeInequality! #womenintech #womeninstem #womenover50 #womenatwork

[Photo Courtesy:] career womenintech womenatwork womeninstem

Twenty years ago, I learned a very valuable lesson about money. A young man taught me the lesson. His initials were PSG. We were working for a mid-size corporation, and the annual performance evaluation timeframe was fast approaching. Naturally, we

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#OldSchool for #NewEdition! #NewEditionBET #NewEditionMovie

New Edition [Photo Courtesy:]

When New Edition hit the scene with “Candy Girl” in 1983, I was a young, single woman who loved to sing and dance along with my favorite groups! The members of New Edition were much younger than me, but I

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3 Ways to Prepare for Change at the Top! #politics #finance #lifelessons

[Photo Courtesy:] brendaslunch finance financial donald trump presidency

No matter who you like and/or who you voted for, we have change at the top leadership position of the free world! That change introduces “uncertainty” into the economy and financial markets, so there will be volatility. There may be

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