#2 Solution to #IncomeInequality! #womenintech #womeninstem #womenover50 #womenatwork

Studies show that women earn 80 cents of every dollar men earn. Why? The American Association of University Women (AAUW) released an exhaustive report on the pay gap in the U.S.A. Based on personal experience gained during my 38 year career, I have discovered 3 solutions to income inequality. For the #1 solution, click here. The #2 solution to income inequality is to invest in yourself. How? Continue to upgrade your skills and abilities by taking classes in your career field or your prospective career field. If your current employer will not pay for the training, spend your own money! Let your manager and/or employer know that you are taking classes. Paying for your own training sends 2 messages:

  1. It lets your manager and/or employer know that you are serious about your career
  2. It lets your manager and/or employer that you will not let anyone or anything hold you back

To ease the impact on your personal finances, it may be possible to deduct the cost of the training on your tax return! For details on deducting educational expenses, check the IRS website here.

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