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Tilapia Cabbage & Cornbread

It’s Tilapia Tuesday! Every Tuesday, Chef Lo fries up scrumptious Tilapia filets! He coats the filets in corn meal and uses Canola oil in the frying pan. Tilapia is our favorite fish! It’s light and tasty. Fish is healthy because it has Omega3, which is good for the heart. I must admit that Tilapia is my favorite fish, and I love the corn meal coating because I love that “crispy, crunchy” sensation.

Chef Lo’s recipe for Sauteed Cabbage is heart healthy! He uses Kirkland Signature Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2L (2QT 3.6 fl. oz) (and a little water) to saute the cut-up cabbage in a pan. Chef Lo adds Earth’s Pride All Natural California Minced Garlic 32 oz. Jar, which is also good for the heart! If you love onions, by all means add them too! Cabbage contains Vitamin K, which improves cardiac health. Sauteed Cabbage is a light, tasty and nutritious side dish or main dish for vegetarians! Bon Appetit!

To lose a few pounds, Brenda tries to minimize carbohydrates, and focuses on lean meats, vegetables, fruits and nuts. She absolutely loves sweets, particularly cookies. She finds it difficult to eat a meal without carbs, so when she eats fish, she likes cornbread for her carb selection. Chef Lo prepares the cornbread using Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix, 8.5 oz, 6 pk. Chef Lo’s cornbread is so tasty that it tastes like cake! One piece of cornbread is 75 calories and 2.25 grams of fat — not bad.

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