Black Bean Meatballs! #foodie #recipe #recipes #recipeblog

Today’s lunch uses leftovers from Bucca di Beppo restaurant! Brenda ordered Mini Meatballs from the menu. The waitress brought 6 good-sized meatballs in a tomato sauce. Brenda ate one meatball, and saved the rest for leftovers. For the next day’s lunch, she cut up 1.5 meatballs, and mixed with 3.5 tablespoons of black beans, and 4 tablespoons of brown rice. It wasn’t necessary to add seasoning because the meatballs were already seasoned. She microwaved the combo for 2 minutes on medium, stir, then another 1 minute on medium high. Bon Appetit!

For a special anniversary dinner, we ate at Standford Grill. They have the best chicken meatballs! To minimize the calories and fat, I ate half, and saved the rest for the next day’s lunch.

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