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#TaxCuts – An Opportunity to #Save or #Invest? #investing #investors #finance #taxreform

Tax Cuts Per Income Range brendaslunch finance personal finance save tax cut savings howtosave savers saver the art of saving

Will You Benefit from the New Tax Cut Bill? According to this table from the Tax Policy Center, individuals making $25,400 per year (or less) will save $5 bucks per month. That $5 will buy you a couple of gallons

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How to Get Started #Investing! #invest #investor #investors #stocks

Mutual Funds how to invest investing investor investors how to start investing

What is a Mutual Fund? Once you have saved enough for your emergency fund and short-term goals, it is time to start investing for the future. The big question is — how to get started? The answer is to —

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Does Your #Money Go to Work for You Everyday? #invest #investing #investor

Interest Rates finance invest investing investor finance personal finance

Short-Term Savings Does your money go to work for you everyday, or does it stay at home and relax while you are at work??? If your money is sitting in a savings or checking account at a bank, it is

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What is Dollar Cost Averaging? #invest #investing #investor #stock #stocks

Stock Market Performance brendaslunch finance profits stocks bonds personal finance invest investing investor

Is This a Good Time to Invest? The U.S.A. stock market is at all-time highs, so you may wonder if this is a good time to invest … Even with new records being set on a regular basis, there is

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#AlanGreenspan Says Bond Market in a Bubble! #invest #investing #stocks #stockmarket

Rising Interest Rates [Photo Courtesy: www.pixabay.com]

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box on Friday morning, August 4, 2017. He stated that he believes the bond market is in a bubble because bond yields are historically low and bond prices are historically

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@CNBCFastMoney Tired of Hearing About #Tesla! #invest #investing #finance

Tesla Model S [Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia Commons] brenaslunch finance stock tesla stock inves investing investor

My TV is tuned to CNBC several hours every weekday. When Fast Money comes on at 5pm Eastern time, it seems like they spend 25% of the hour-long show discussing Tesla. Now, I understand that CNBC has a largely male

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It’s a good time to lock in some profits! #TrumpRally #investing #investor #invest

Stock Market Dow Jones brendaslunch finance profits stocks bonds personal finance invest investing investor

The stock market appears to be in a state of euphoria about the end of the presidential campaign/election! The Dow Jones Industrial Average has been hitting new highs since the American people voted for businessman and real estate developer Donald

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AT&T Buys TimeWarner! Who wins? Who loses? #finance #investing #invest

[Photo Courtesy: www.flickr.com] brendaslunch corporate finance

AT&T has announced a proposed $85 billion buyout of Time Warner. First of all, the number $85 billion is HUGE! Can you even imagine an American corporation having $85 billion dollars worth of assets to purchase another corporation? Second, it

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#WashingtonDC #RealEstate is #Hot! #housing #finance #realestatedc

washington dc real estate

Stunning changes are occurring in the Washington DC Metropolitan area real estate market! For decades, the suburbs were hot, but the tide has shifted. The millennials want to live and work in close proximity. They don’t want to spend 2

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4 Reasons to Consider #Crowdfunding #RealEstate #Investing #invest #investor

Residential Real Estate brendaslunch crowdfund crowdfunding real estate investing

Crowdfunding uses social media to raise funds for a particular cause. For the Top 3 Crowdfunding websites, click here. In the past, raising funds for people or projects involved approaching people or institutions within your circle, within your sphere of

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