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Does Your #Money Go to Work for You Everyday? #invest #investing #investor

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Short-Term Savings Does your money go to work for you everyday, or does it stay at home and relax while you are at work??? If your money is sitting in a savings or checking account at a bank, it is

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4 Reasons to Consider #Crowdfunding #RealEstate #Investing #invest #investor

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Crowdfunding uses social media to raise funds for a particular cause. For the Top 3 Crowdfunding websites, click here. In the past, raising funds for people or projects involved approaching people or institutions within your circle, within your sphere of

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Wall Street Advice from 14 #Financial Experts! #invest #investing #investor

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The financial markets are in a constant state of change. It can be difficult to figure out what to do, what strategy to execute. We hear so many different opinions on CNBC. There are plenty of financial magazines, newsletters, and

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5 Steps to Get Your #Financial House in Order! #invest #investor #investing

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The financial markets are very volatile. Everyday, they can easily lose or gain 2% – 3%, which doesn’t sound like much. However, when you are managing a 6 – 7 figure portfolio, 2% – 3% equals thousands of dollars! Whenever

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