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#TaxCuts – An Opportunity to #Save or #Invest? #investing #investors #finance #taxreform

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Will You Benefit from the New Tax Cut Bill? According to this table from the Tax Policy Center, individuals making $25,400 per year (or less) will save $5 bucks per month. That $5 will buy you a couple of gallons

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Get Your Pass-Throughs! Get Your Pass-Throughs Now … #finance #taxes #taxcuts #taxreform #politics #business #businesstips

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The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 has been signed by the President of the United States. As with any tax bill, there are winners and losers. In this case, pass-through companies are the winners. The very first thing

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Instead of spending the week promoting #bitcoin @CNBC @SquawkCNBC should dig into the details of #taxcuts #taxreform #taxreformbill which affects every single American!

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Bitcoin may be real, or it may not be real. Who knows? CNBC is promoting, discussing, analyzing bitcoin all week along. In the meantime, the Republicans in the House of Representatives and Senate are crafting a tax cut bill that

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The #HideandSeek Strategy Won’t Work! #politics #Obamacare #TaxReform

Now that the Republicans control the White House, Senate and House of Representatives, their strategy to pass legislation appears to be the “Hide and Seek” strategy. The “Hide and Seek” strategy is to: Meet in secret Prevent details of the

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We ALL Deserve a 15% Permanent Tax Rate! #finance #politics #taxreform #taxcuts #taxfairness

When House Republicans released their original version of their Tax Reform plan, they proposed a corporate tax rate of 20%. Originally, the president wanted a 15% corporate tax rate. Don’t we all deserve a 15% tax rate? When former Governor

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