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Navy Beans w/ Turmeric! #health #foodie #healthy #recipe

Navy Beans w/ Tumeric! healthyeating healthyeats lunch recipe lunch ideas

Brenda makes an effort to eat beans everyday … Why? Beans fill her up because they add fiber to her diet. Beans are low fat, low calorie and high protein. To provide additional health benefits, Brenda adds turmeric to her

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Roasted Chicken Breast w/ Sweet Potato & Broccoli! #foodie #foodshare

Roasted Chicken Breast w/ Sweet Potato & Broccoli brendaslunch healthyeats healthyeating lunch ideas dinner ideas

Brenda always looks for low-carbohydrate food combinations! Why? Carbohydrates fill you up and make you feel satisfied, but the body turns the unused carbohydrates into fat! Not good. Chicken breast is the lowest fatty part of the chicken, so Brenda

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#TodaysLunch is Turkey Bean Medley! #foodie #recipe #hearthealthy #foodie #foodshare

Turkey Bean Medley! brendaslunch foodie lunch lunchidea dinner idea lowfat lowcarb hearthealthy healthyeats healthyeating

Today’s lunch is Turkey Bean Medley! It is a low fat, low carb meal loaded with protein. The turkey burger and black beans pack this lunch with energy-boosting protein! The onions, green pepper and McCormick Italian Herb Seasoning Grinder, 0.77-Ounce

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