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#JimVance Was the Essence of #WashingtonDC! #jimvancenbc4washingtondc #jimvancenbcwashingtondc

Jim Vance at NBC Health & Fitness Expo

Jim Vance was much more than an anchor for NBC News in Washington DC. Jim Vance represented all of the voices of Washington DC, from the downtrodden and homeless, to the halls of power on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue.

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#WallStreet is Coming to #WashingtonDC! #finance #realestate #invest

Downtown Washington DC real estate commercial real estate downtown

The President has selected his cabinet and it is full of Wall Street corporate executives! If confirmed by the U.S. Senate, Wall Street corporate executives will head major Federal government agencies that affect finance, real estate, and corporate business in

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#WashingtonDC #RealEstate is #Hot! #housing #finance #realestatedc

washington dc real estate

Stunning changes are occurring in the Washington DC Metropolitan area real estate market! For decades, the suburbs were hot, but the tide has shifted. The millennials want to live and work in close proximity. They don’t want to spend 2

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