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Day 1 — #crowdsizematters #crowdsize #politics #politicsnews #politicsnation

2017 Inauguration Crowd Size [Photo Courtesy: New York Times] politics

Crowd size is obviously a very big deal! On the first full day of the new administration, there is a dispute about the size of the crowd that witnessed the inauguration. Who knew that crowd size is so important? What

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#WallStreet is Coming to #WashingtonDC! #finance #realestate #invest

Downtown Washington DC real estate commercial real estate downtown

The President has selected his cabinet and it is full of Wall Street corporate executives! If confirmed by the U.S. Senate, Wall Street corporate executives will head major Federal government agencies that affect finance, real estate, and corporate business in

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3 Ways to Prepare for Change at the Top! #politics #finance #lifelessons

[Photo Courtesy:] brendaslunch finance financial donald trump presidency

No matter who you like and/or who you voted for, we have change at the top leadership position of the free world! That change introduces “uncertainty” into the economy and financial markets, so there will be volatility. There may be

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#ThanksObama for Stopping #CorporateInversions! #politics #politicstalk #incomeinequality

President Barack Obama [Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons]

Everyone complains about jobs leaving America and going to other countries, but nobody does anything about it. Well, on April 4th, President Obama did something about it. He instructed the Treasury Department to determine if there are regulations that can

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