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#Historic Chapman Stables Redevelopment! #realestate #washingtondc #invest

Historic Chapman Stables Building

The Truxton Circle neighborhood is 6 blocks north of Capitol Hill in the northwest quadrant of Washington, DC. In the early 1900s, a brick structure was built to house the Chapman Coal Company Stables and Garage on N Street N.W.

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The #HideandSeek Strategy Won’t Work! #politics #Obamacare #TaxReform

Now that the Republicans control the White House, Senate and House of Representatives, their strategy to pass legislation appears to be the “Hide and Seek” strategy. The “Hide and Seek” strategy is to: Meet in secret Prevent details of the

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We ALL Deserve a 15% Permanent Tax Rate! #finance #politics #taxreform #taxcuts #taxfairness

When House Republicans released their original version of their Tax Reform plan, they proposed a corporate tax rate of 20%. Originally, the president wanted a 15% corporate tax rate. Don’t we all deserve a 15% tax rate? When former Governor

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The Art of Saving! #finance #lifelessons #savings #fintech #wealthbuilding #wealthy

Financial Security Financial Success Financial Independence

One simple four-letter word is truly the key to your financial success — SAVE. Saving requires discipline, and if you lack the discipline to save, it is virtually impossible for you to succeed, period. I learned to save from my

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#AlanGreenspan Says Bond Market in a Bubble! #invest #investing #stocks #stockmarket

Rising Interest Rates [Photo Courtesy:]

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box on Friday morning, August 4, 2017. He stated that he believes the bond market is in a bubble because bond yields are historically low and bond prices are historically

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Keep an Eye on U.S. Treasury Rates! #invest #investing #investor #investors #stocks

Federal Reserve [Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons]

The yield on the 10-year U.S. Treasury provides insight on the direction of the stock market. If investors can get a guaranteed 2.5% yield on their investment, why take the risk in the stock market? Active and inactive investors need

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American Corporations Should Fund #Infrastructure! #infrastructureweek #finance #politics

Connecticut Ave & M Street NW downtown Washington DC

In light of President Trump’s declared “Infrastructure Week,” there has been some discussion on how to fund infrastructure improvements. CNBC’s Squawk Box anchor Joe Kernan has been promoting a gas tax, which is regressive and disproportionately affects lower to middle

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#WashingtonDC #Squash #Tech & #RealEstate! #dctech #technology

Washington DC Squash Tech & Real Estate hi-tech technology dctech

The influx of millennials is changing the core of Washington DC! Millennials don’t want to live in the suburbs. They want to live downtown, so downtown is changing to accommodate them. One recent change is the conversion of a fire

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@CNBCFastMoney Tired of Hearing About #Tesla! #invest #investing #finance

Tesla Model S [Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia Commons] brenaslunch finance stock tesla stock inves investing investor

My TV is tuned to CNBC several hours every weekday. When Fast Money comes on at 5pm Eastern time, it seems like they spend 25% of the hour-long show discussing Tesla. Now, I understand that CNBC has a largely male

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Is #Apple the Only #Stock in the World? #invest #investing #finance

Apple Logo [Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia Commons] brendaslunch finance

My TV is tuned to CNBC several hours every weekday. When Fast Money comes on at 5pm Eastern time, it seems like they spend 80% of the hour-long show discussing Apple Inc. Now, I understand that Apple is the largest

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