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Washington Redskins fans have seen this movie before. It’s December. It’s time to prepare for the playoffs. It’s time to finish the season strong. Instead, Jay Gruden’s team is flat, listless, lackadaisical, and unmotivated. Jay Gruden stands on the sidelines, watching the game as if he is a football analyst. When his players make mistakes, there is no consequence. There are no repercussions. No one is waiting for them on the sidelines to chew them out. They don’t get benched. They just walk off the field when the series is over, and stand there.

Jay Gruden seems like a really nice guy. With a brother like Jon Gruden, the best way to survive the Gruden household as a child is to be really quiet and nice.

Washington Redskins fans should not have to witness such an inept product on the field. It is an embarrassment to the Washington DC Metropolitan area. We deserve better. Some might say, turn off the television. However, we as taxpayers are subsidizing all sports teams because taxpayers help pay for the stadiums and tax breaks received by the owners. Therefore, we have a right to demand better play from our sports teams.

As I watched the Washington Redskins line up to play the Los Angeles Chargers, I wondered why the organization spent money to fly this team to the west coast? Why not save the money and donate it to charity? Why waste our time and emotions rooting for a team that is unmotivated? They don’t care, so why should we care?

Washington Redskins — forfeit the rest of the season and donate the savings to charity!

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