The #HideandSeek Strategy Won’t Work! #politics #Obamacare #TaxReform

Now that the Republicans control the White House, Senate and House of Representatives, their strategy to pass legislation appears to be the “Hide and Seek” strategy. The “Hide and Seek” strategy is to:

  1. Meet in secret
  2. Prevent details of the legislation from leaking to the media
  3. Hold few or no hearings
  4. Whip the legislation out at the last minute
  5. Hold a vote quickly.

This was the strategy employed to draft “repeal and replace” healthcare legislation, and it obviously is not working. The “Hide and Seek” strategy is also being used on Tax Reform. Republicans have been talking about Tax Reform for months. It began with an “outline” on one sheet of paper held up in front of the television cameras by Treasury Steve Mnuchin. Several months later, we still have no details. All we know is that the President would like a 15% corporate tax rate. There are rumors about doing away with state and local income tax deductions, but so far we have seen nothing in writing. When I hear the terms “tax simplification,” and “prepare your taxes on a post card,” that means no deductions to me. Treasury secretary said the Tax Reform plan would be released during the last week of September … We’ll see …

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