#JimVance Was the Essence of #WashingtonDC! #jimvancenbc4washingtondc #jimvancenbcwashingtondc

Jim Vance was much more than an anchor for NBC News in Washington DC. Jim Vance represented all of the voices of Washington DC, from the downtrodden and homeless, to the halls of power on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue. Jim Vance was every man. His nightly commentaries expressed the concerns and despair of ordinary Washingtonians, as well as our hopes and dreams. He represented all of the neighborhoods and communities of Washington DC. Jim Vance was an anchor for 45 years at NBC4, and during that period of time Washington DC experienced the severe growing pains of the first mayor, Walter Washington, the fight for Home Rule, the crack epidemic, the scandals and triumphs of Mayor Marion Barry, and the loss of control to the Financial Control Board, Through all of the the ups and down, trails and tribulations, Jim Vance was a consistent voice and presence. Jim Vance could go to any neighborhood in Washington DC, and be welcomed with open arms.

NBC4 must know how much #Jimvance meant to me! My brother & I met #jimvancenbc4washingtondc at the #nbc4healthandfitnessexpo many years ago & #jimvancenbcwashingtondc was gracious enough to take a pic with us! Jim Vance was the essence of #washingtondc in all of it’s #upsanddowns #trialsandtribulations Jim Vance was a consistent voice for all of the #natonscapital #neighborhoods & #communities Jim Vance’s commentaries on #nbc4 expressed our #concerns & #despair as well as our #hopes & #dreams Jim Vance has represented us & has served our #community very well. Praying that Jim Vance #restinpeace for a #lifewelltravelled & #wellserved #jimvancealwaysspokethetruth #jimvancewaswashingtondc #jimvancewillbemissed #nbc4dc

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My family and I had the pleasure of meeting Jim Vance at NBC4’s annual Health and Fitness Expo many years ago. He was gracious enough to pose for a photograph with us, for which I am very grateful! I feel so honored and fortunate to have been included in NBC4’s tribute to Jim Vance. Praying that Jim Vance rests in peace, after a life well-served and well-traveled.

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