Don’t Let Other People’s Problems Become Your Problems! #lifelesson #lifelessons

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I just received notice from a cousin on Facebook that he is coming to town on Father’s Day weekend. Now, even though our fathers are deceased, we still have plans for that weekend. It is a busy weekend. If you are a father, and/ or your father is alive, it’s a busy weekend. My cousin gave us 2 weeks notice. I replied and asked for details, but he hasn’t responded yet. I would like to make plans so that we can have a family gathering, but there is a complication. During the 2016 presidential election, tempers flared because we have Democrats and Republicans in our family. It was a heated and contentious presidential campaign, and that tension spilled over into our family relationships. I refrained from using Facebook during the months leading up to the election. I had a feeling that family relationships and friendships would be tested, and sadly, I was right. As I wrestled with possible solutions to the problem, a thought came into my mind … I did not cause the problem. The problem does not belong to me. Therefore, it is not my problem to solve. In other words, “don’t let other people’s problems become your problems.”

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