@CNBCFastMoney Tired of Hearing About #Tesla! #invest #investing #finance

My TV is tuned to CNBC several hours every weekday. When Fast Money comes on at 5pm Eastern time, it seems like they spend 25% of the hour-long show discussing Tesla. Now, I understand that CNBC has a largely male audience, and men love cars! CNBC’s target audience is also affluent, so they have the money to buy a Tesla model S, which starts at $69,200. CNBC mentions Tesla so often that it feels like they are promoting the car. The Dow Jones Industrial Average consists of 30 of the large companies. Why not spend some time discussing all of the Dow 30? The S&P 500 Index consists of 500 “large cap” companies, which are listed on the NYSE or NASDAQ. Whey not spend some time discussing some of the 500 stocks? Broadening the scope of the discussions on Fast Money would be beneficial for the viewers, and help educate the public on investing!

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