@HouseDemocrats & @HouseGOP Should Work Together to #FixObamacare! #politics

Donald Trump [Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons] brendaslunch politics healthcare obamacare fixobamacare

Donald Trump [Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons]

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has conceded that Obamacare is now and forever more — the law of the land. We know that it is not a perfect healthcare law, so it is time for House Republicans and House Democrats to work together to fix it! President Trump must now know that the Freedom Caucus will never vote FOR healthcare, so President Trump needs to cross the party lines and work with House Democrats to find common ground! Congressman Elijah Cummings has already extended his hand to work with the President on reducing prescription drug costs. The Congressional Black Caucus cross party lines and met with President Trump to discuss Congressman Cummins’ bill and other issues important to African Americans. There are 49 members of the CBC, which can make up for the loss of the Freedom Caucus. President Trump has a way out … He has an opportunity to get something done, to get a WIN …

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