Nestle’ Moves U.S.A. Corporate Headquarters to #WashingtonDC Metro Area! #realestate #finance

The “world’s largest packaged-food company,” Nestle’ USA, has decided to move it’s U.S.A. corporate headquarters to the Washington Metropolitan area. Arlington, a city just over the Francis Scott Key bridge, in Northern Virginia, is Nestle’s choice! The multinational “nutrition, health and wellness” company is moving from Glendale, California, and bringing 750 jobs to the Washington DC Metropolitan area! The election of businessman and real estate developer Donald J. Trump makes it necessary for multinational corporations to be near the seat of power. President Trump is moving quickly to make his mark on issues very important to multinational corporations such as tax reform, regulations, and immigration policy. I believe this is the first of many corporations moving their headquarters to the Washington Metropolitan area, which will skyrocket the residential and commercial real estate markets. For additional details, click here. For more on the impact of the Trump election on the Washington real estate market, click here.

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